Photo of J.D. Hill J.D. Hill

Leader / Vocals / Timbales / Trombone

J.D. Hill is the founder and leader of The Touch Of Class Band. He is a dynamic front man with many years of experience putting together high energy show bands. J.D. has formal training in voice, percussion, and trombone. He contributes to the group's vocal and musical arrangements and is responsible for the incredible choreography. J.D. is certainly the man who puts and keeps it all together.
Photo of Tammora C. Holloway Tammora C. Holloway


Tammora C. Holloway, known as Tammy, was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Singing is her passion. She was heavily influenced by her mother’s angelic voice. She started singing at a very early age. She comes from a talented family of singers and musicians. Tammy has performed in her uncles bands, and has also been in many gospel groups. She has a very wide range with alot of versatility. She can do a jazzy rendition of “Summertime”, and then bring down the house with the funky syncopated style of Mary J. Blige & Chaka Khan. Tammy’s excited about what she brings to TOC, - her voice and total dedication.
Photo of Tiffany Barwick Tiffany Barwick


Tiffany Barwick began her love of singing and performance as a toddler, performing "We Are the World" on her great grandmother's coffee table. From there she spent years learning her craft through church and school choirs and musicals, later to attend the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA) program in her high school in Lexington, Kentucky with a vocal music focus. She spent the following years as a soloist with a variety of musical groups ranging from jazz/swing standards, to Motown, and even country/blues.
Photo of Jeff Miller Jeff Miller


Jeff Miller bring many years of experience into the TOC mix. Growing up in Oakland, Jeff was influenced by bands like Tower of Power, Santana, John Lee Hooker, and Sly and the Family Stone. Carlos Santana's advice is to "play with your own signature," and Jeff truly takes that to heart. Jeff combines many different styles in his solos, including jazz, fusion, blues and rock phrasing. He believes that in addition to playing strong rhythms, a guitar, like the bass, has to "lock in" with the drums and give strong support to the vocalists.
Photo of Andre Van Lewis Andre Van Lewis

Bass / Vocals

Andre's musical influences started way back in the 70's with such players as Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, Louis Johnson and Jaco Pastorius. Since then he has played with Motown's "Temptations" as well as other local greats that include Ms Taylor P. Collins, Jackie Payne, The Blues Hall of Fame entertainer Alvin Draper, J.C. Smith's Back to Back Blues Band, Billy Davis Blues Band, C.P. Love. Andre has a very smooth, funky, solid style of playing that definitely adds to the show and excitement of The Touch Of Class Band. Andre is also the leader and bassist of his own smooth jazz group "Just-AzZ"
Photo of Michael (MJ) Jackson Michael (MJ) Jackson


Since the 1970s, Michael (MJ) Jackson has pursued music, not only as a drummer, but also as a vocalist, composer and producer. Michael was given the nickname “j-groove” because of his smooth style of drumming. His soulful groove-style of playing has been featured with Nucleus, Three Dee and Hoosier Daddys. MJ has also shared the stage with Starpoint, Evelyn “Champange” King, Midnight Star, Vintage and the James Brown tribute band, and Papa’s Bag. He also worked for jazz label, Windham Hill Records. J-Groove is without a doubt the driving force behind TOC. With his drumming and lead singing he adds so much to the energy and show of TOC.
Photo of Jeanne Parson Jeanne Parson


Jeanne Parson started playing the piano as a little girl. She holds a BA in Piano Performance and a Master’s degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media. After 4 years in college undergrad jazz band, she played in a pop music group for 12 years, touring the US and Canada. After grad school, she switched from performance to music creation, integrating music and speech into new technology as a composer and sound designer for Atari Games, Leapfrog Toys, and now for Microsoft. But she never lost the love of performing in bands, and you’ll see and hear it in every performance in every TOC performance.
Photo of Ted Henderson Ted Henderson

Trombone / Keyboard

Ted Henderson's played trombone since the early 70's. Born in Chicago, his early influences included trombonist Fred Wesley and bands like Earth, Wind and Fire. In 1988, Ted came to the Bay Area and established himself as a composer, performer, recording engineer and teacher specializing in electronic music. In 2002, Ted became a public school band director whose award-winning groups performed in Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles and all over the Bay Area. These days, Ted serves as principal of an arts-integration elementary school. Ted holds degrees in composition, electronic music, music education and school administration.
Photo of Steve Gileno Steve Gileno


Steve Gileno has been blessed throughout his life with many awesome musical collaboration opportunities, including now with the Touch of Class Band. Steve has been a solo trumpeter at church services and wedding ceremonies with a repertoire of baroque trumpet literature under his belt. In parallel, he has performed as a principal trumpeter in local orchestras, in the pit orchestras for musical theatre, in wind, brass and jazz ensembles as well as in original rock, tribute, pop and R&B bands. What Steve appreciates the most about music is the blending of sounds and the enjoyment of the talents of his fellow musicians.
Photo of Thomas Narveson Thomas Narveson


Thomas Narveson is currently pursuing a credential in music at San Jose State University. He earned the music student of the year (2012) award at Ohlone College before moving to San Jose State where he became involved in the music program there. Thomas has played tenor sax with the Wind Ensemble for 2 years, played Bassoon for the Symphonic Band, and plays lead tenor in the Jazz Orchestra. As well as being active at school, Thomas also plays with community groups. He has worked with and taught youth 14-21 in the East Bay Scout Band, played lead saxophone in the Oasis Big band in Newark CA, and played clarinet for the Ohlone Community Band. Thomas has also worked with the Fremont Unified School District as an after school band director.
Photo of Jerry Benjamin Jerry Benjamin

Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Jerry Benjamin brings over 30 years of experience to TOC. He is a phenomenal guitarist and a recorded songwriter. Jerry has shared his talent as an instructor, producing students who have scored number one hits, platinum albums, and AMA awards. Jerry's soulful, jazzy guitar is a tremendous asset to The Touch Of Class Band.
Photo of John Reynolds John Reynolds

Sound Technician

John is a sound engineer with 15 years of experience running audio systems. His work history includes Paramounts Great America, JK Sound, and Trucco Lighting & Sound. In addition, he spent three years aboard Carnival Cruise Lines running large format audio consoles for full scale Broadway style production shows and lounge bands. While on board John was fortunate to provide audio support to some of the best musicians found around the world. In his spare time he regularly volunteers his technical expertise to a local public school district and community events.

John is thrilled to run the audio system and technical aspects for the Touch of Class band.

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